Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Russians are coming! Well they came many times here to the USA in warships. Just for friendly visits like this one in 1900.

This historic picture was taken in the dry dock of the Brooklyn Navy Yard around 1900 give or take a year. It can be dated pretty well through two things. In front of this Russian warship is the navies first submarine. It was called the Holland. It was acquired by the navy in 1898.

The splendid looking Russian Battleship, called the Retvizan was sunk in action during the Russian Japanese War in 1904.

The dry dock at the Brooklyn Navy Yard was used by many navies to have their hulls cleaned and maintenance done. The Retvizan was not really a battleship it was more of a pre dreadnought battle cruiser.
But it was the precursor to the new navy. But what was in front of this ship in 1900 was what was going to be the major part of every ones navy in a few years. The incredible submarine.