Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What ever became of our historically powerful backbones? Lets laugh at ourselves and screw this mind numbing political correctness

Perhaps it is partly my age or the fact that I have had a pretty rough life, that I am not bothered by much.  I was working on raising a family when I was 12 years old. I know what hardship is and have been there. I have seen what can happen and how bad life can be. I know what it is like to be homeless, without food, without hope.

 My life from the ages of  eleven to eighteen I would not wish on my worst enemy. But I survived and became a hell of a lot stronger than most people. I can take a beating and keep going, I am not pushed down or bothered by others. That has been my life.  History is what saved me, also a few close and good friends.

I am always reminded by the old saying we used in school when I was a kid..."Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me".

Burt what I see today sickens me. We have become a nation and perhaps world of neurotics. Political correctness is perhaps one of the greatest examples of dumbing down a race of people that I have ever seen. We are offended by everything !!!! I am of the belief we need a collective gathering of backbone here. The only thing that offends me is Political Correctness.

I do not give a damn if someone is offended, get a life and grow up. I have received emails from people saying that what I wrote in an article here offended them.........GOOD!

The United States is pandering to a people who have no collective backbone at all.   I have no problem making fun of anyone and mostly I enjoy making fun of myself. But in this CRAZY politically correct world of Nazism, we dare not offend,  cause we could look bad. Best way I can put it. How dumb can we get?

  My favorite is the gang who calls for Free Speech, yet complains about the hate speech of others!  If you cannot see the humor there, give up !

 Blacks can be made fun of  by the Spanish, or other minorities. But they cannot be made fun of by Whites. But Whites can be made fun of by Blacks? That is fine with me..I am happy Blacks can make fun of Whites and I damn well expect that Whites can make just as much fun of Blacks. That is what we call equality.

Making fun of gays, straights, lesbians, vegetarianism, animal lovers, fur wears, blacks, whites, Asians, Hispanics, Jews, and everyone else is fine. If you cannot laugh, why live?  If people are so weak they cannot handle humor at their expense, they really have little going for them.

Perhaps many are ruled by religion in this thought. Religion is designed to take the weak minded and direct them.  So I love to make fun of religion and any other group that is holier than thou.

 The sad part is that all of these holier than thou people who practice Political Correctness is, that when they are home with their friends they make fun of whom ever they want....It is called hypocrisy .  They just do not have the guts to do anywhere else.

  The fear that a lot of these weak minded people face is that they might offend someone.  Do it !!

 If they are as weak as you are and claim they are offended ..maybe you can both get therapy. Cause brother you need it!.

 Why are we so weird?  Why are we so stupid? Why do we buy into this nonsense?  I have no problem laughing at everyone. I am into equal opportunism.  Everyone is the same.

 One we learn that the world will work better. We are all people, no more no less.

But for now we have to deal with stupid spineless people who worry they might not be politically correct! 

I find those people offensive.      :)

Friday, November 04, 2011

Who we are, is who we were.

I recall these words spoken by John Quincy Adams in the Amistad slave trial. Those words ring in my mind as time goes on. Because it is what we are all about. We think our thoughts and think them original, but are they? Because we are from whence we came. So who we are is who we have been and who we will be. In this new age of DNA we have found that to be more true than what have ever thought. Remember the next time you look at things and reflect.Because it is not only you,it is all who have come before you. Who we are is who we were. Truer words were never spoken.