Sunday, January 01, 2012

Starting my 30th diary after many years of writing in them since 1973 .

I started in early 1973 writing a daily diary. I would write about the current state of affairs and what at the time seemed important to me. It is now 20 or so volumes. The books are of various sizes and conditions. Sadly about 15 years ago about 10 of the books were badly damaged in a flood. I was able to copy some of them but many were lost. One of my volumes today is a gathering of pages and copies from those badly damaged and now lost books. Now there are 20 existent books and some fun reading for me. I would fill the books with all kinds of mementos of the time and even plant samples of the area in which I was or was traveling. They are now history and interesting reading for me. I recently found a box which contained 17 of the books. There are 3 others in other boxes. Finding them made me decide to write about them a little. I would encourage everyone to do the same to create a inventory of your own history to share with others or your children. I picked out 3 pages. Not for any special reason but just to take some quick pictures of them.

These are some of those books that I found in the boxes.

This is the book I had for the year 1976. I find in this book in rather lousy writing that I had been to the site of the Hindenburg crash in New Jersey.

This is a entry after seeing the display of Titanic artifacts in Las Vegas in 2005.

Here are some examples of leaves in Asia that I would paste in books as I traveled.

In closing I know it has been a while since I wrote here, but I have been very busy the last few months. Now time to get going again with more stories and artifacts.
I also encourage EVERY one of you to document your life and keep a diary. If you keep it for many years you will have a treasure of your past, and a past you can share with others.