Sunday, March 16, 2008

John Adams...... Time to reconsider him.

March 2006

I truly believe him to be one of the most disregarded of our historic figures. Over shadowed by Jefferson who was not at all equal to Adams raw talent or bravery.

Over time the name of Adams was lost in the dusty pages of history . I find that in the last 50 years...(a short time historically) Adams has been making a comeback, and Jefferson is starting to be seen as the hypocrite he truly was.
I will do a good deal of writing on Adams as time goes on. I welcome others who wish to comment on the "Atlas of American Independence" (Jefferson's words not mine) and hope to post a tremendous amount of info on one amazing man who changed the course of the world's history.

I will admit that Adams was not a warm person to deal with at times. He was not as classy as Jefferson. He did not write as well as Jefferson. But he had guts! He had more raw passion than Jefferson..and was the powerhouse behind what happened in July of 1776.

I have a lot of respect for Jefferson, I think he was a great man. I find that Jefferson was not at all kind to Adams when it came to politics. But Jefferson was always a political animal. He and Washington even stopped talking.. He referred to Washington as "old muttenhead".

The two main political animals of that time were Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. Both were not warm or friendly people. Both of these two guys were snobs and both of them disliked Adams who was really down to earth. Neither of those two guys were in their fields plowing, or planting crops, or doing the work...Adams was.

Jefferson who said that all men are created equal had a large amount of slaves. Nor did he free them... Adams had hired help.

Although Aaron Burr was not to likeable a person either....I like him more than Hamilton. The reasons for their duel have a lot to due with what Hamilton said of Burr...and it was really nasty.

But I think that we have bypassed Adams. I think it is time to honor the Atlas of American Independence!! Let's have a monument to him in Washington..


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