Sunday, April 27, 2008

The JFK assassination.I am tired of all the nonsense of the assassination plots..This is all to make money for the people who write about it.

I am so tired of all the nonsense about the Kennedy assassination. I have read so many books on it and every book has a different cast of people involved in the plot. I am of the idea that we have made a lot out of nothing.

I think that Oswald did it. He was a high awarded marksman in the Marines. He was one of the best. He was high marked for 200 yard shots in the Marines. To be honest he shot the President at a much shorter for Oswald it was like a turkey shoot...quite easy.


I think a lot of people have made a lot of money talking and writing about this stuff.

One has to remember that there is a LOT OF MONEY TO BE MADE IN CONSPIRACY!!

And everyone from Oliver Stone down has made a fortune out of the death of JFK! To hell with the truth, conspiracy makes money!!!!!


In fact if you add all the people that are supposed to have shot the President in Dallas....

They would all be getting in each others way!!!!!!

I find that rather funny, of course each conspiracy theorist thinks they have the guy or have made up the guy to make money. Because if you want to see some silly stuff, read some of these conspiracy books on Kennedy. They are a hoot at times.

I have seen everything from a gunman at the grassy knoll to Kennedy's own secret service accidentally shooting him, even his driver!!!!! The computer has aided us in the real truth behind the assassination. The fellow who is supposed to be in the picture on the grassy knoll. Computer studies have shown that he would have to be around three and half feet tall.
Connally was in a jump seat and lower than the President so the bullets line up perfectly. I know this get conspiracy folks all upset. But the longer time goes on the more we can see we have the answer already.
People want to believe that one man could not do this...why not..remember he was an amazing marksman and a nutcase!

No one seems to want to mention that!! It spoils the story....and once again conspiracy makes MONEY!!!

I have mentioned this before, and it seems to be something conspiracy folks like to leave out and that was Kennedy was in a back brace and wrapped from the chest down in this brace. It was to keep him erect. He needed this as he was so weak in his spine. He was on drugs when in public to look like he was OK, but behind the scenes he was a wreck. Therefore this harness was put on him from the nipples to the small of his back and he was wrapped in ace bandages around a metal frame so he could be erect and not strain his very weak back. Sadly this device which helped him tremendously, also led to his death. As he had no freedom of movement.

When he received the first bullet, he should have crumpled, but he did not as he could not. The reason quite simply was that he was wrapped and bound in this brace.
Even when he was hit in the head he bounced and snapped back into position and then fell over sideways. He never crumpled up. He just fell to his side dead. Much has been made of this snapping back and rarely do I hear about the back brace...It does not make as much money to say that. So they do not and sell more books and movies that way. This is the way to make money.....That is why there are books on everything from Marlyn Monroe to the Lock Ness Monster selling...People love to be given the chance to believe what is not real...The conspiracy people fill that need nicely.

Even the stuff about the "magic bullet" Tests done on similar bullets from the same batch shot into 45 inches of wood came out even more pristine than the magic bullet. By the way the Magic bullet is not really in that great of condition. It is in good condition not pristine!! Major fact

When the real facts are looked at and the nonsense put out by some really questionable people is looked start to see things in a very different way.

The truth will set you free is the old saying ...and in this case the more you learn the real facts people like Oliver Stone look rather foolish. Sadly most of the younger people of the world are instructed by that awful movie......People think it is needs to be mentioned that it is fictional. Hello just like Star trek Fiction!!

Now I know many people would like to argue that fact...But I will go back to the facts.... Marksman, open clear shots, and a slow moving vehicle. To me it seems really easy if you are a marksman...and rather nuts as Oswald was.

Amazing huh!!

I was lucky to talk President Gerald R.Ford and we did talk about the Warren commission and the Kennedy assassination (he must have been so sick of that subject) He talked about the movie JFK. He said it was a nice movie, just a movie not based on fact.
He said they looked at the evidence and they decided on their conclusions on the evidence. He was very convinced and after looking at much of the evidence that Oswald was the assassin.

After looking at the magic bullet debunked, and the nonsense of many of the books like one where they altered the Presidents body. I agree that I find Ford is correct.

I know there are problems with the Warren Report, but I think it is more on the ball than many of these half baked conspiracy theories.

I am of the opinion that we will never know everything...But I think we know more than we think we do.....Till then, the writers will put out more nonsense and Oliver Stone will be given credit for exposing the truth. I can't wait till he does a movie on the Easter Bunny...It will be about as truthful I am sure.


Harry said...


Thanks for the laugh. Your post ranks right up there with the Warren Commission for “Best Fiction of the Year” award.

Jack said...

My friend I am glad you got a good laugh out of it.
Maybe if you study some you may come to understand much of the utter nonsense that has been writen about the assassination.

I agree that the Warren Commision has problems. I do doubt you ever talked to a member of that commision.
I doubt you have done much independent study. Just read the 100's of books that say somebody did it. Each one often has a new cast of charators...
I get a good chuckle out of many of them. So I guess both got a good laugh.

Or perhaps you just watched that terrible piece of fiction by Oliver Stone.
That movie is as accurate as Parson Weems biography of George Washington. Most historians know that.

I was once a believer in the idea that it was a plan to knock off the President. But as time goes on I see the folly of that idea.

It goes well with those who think that Diana was killed by the Queen and that JFK was going to get us out of Vietnam...Nonsense!!

I liked JFK...I remember him from when I was a boy.
In my opinion I truly think that one turncoat would have spilled the beans on this...But not a soul has.
With new computer evidence we can see the how well the bullets line up.

In my conversation with President Gerald Ford he said to me that you cannot convict on belief, you must have fact. He also said that Oliver Stones movie was good, but not based on fact.

In the world of belief there are about 30 people so far who have shot Kennedy...
In fact it is getting easier to prove that it was but one. One nut, who did what few believed could happen.

There are also thoughts that the mob was involved...
They turn each other in all the time...Not a word from them either.

I will stand by what I believe, until I see something that I find corrects me ..Or is a proven evidence of a plot.

Till this day we have only rumors, inuendo, and fantasy.....

Andy Walpole said...

The problem with a work such as Stone's JFK is that, although loosely based upon certain historical events, it was a mishmash of many different stories that took place after Kennedy's assassination. It really has no historical accuracy at all. But, you would never have known this haven watched the film...

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