Saturday, July 19, 2008

One of the most unusual ads ever made.....It was by the Victor Talking Machine Company 1918

The ad says that Caruso is singing in the Trenches...Along with all the other Victor Recording Artists of that time. This ad was made in 1918 when we were involved in World War One. It is a most interesting scene. All of the major artists who recorded for Victor, are in dirty trench as soldiers all around with guns listen..

Caruso dressed as Ramses from Aida is singing for the troops. I found this to be one of the oddest ads I have ever seen.

But I understand what they are saying. The voice of Caruso can be heard even in the trenches of distant battlefields. That is a nice statement. I am sure it was very true too!

But there was to a rather comic element to this ad that caught my eye...............

It was the way the one soldier on the left is pointing a gun at Caruso. The way he is smiling and looking at his comrades seems to say..."How much will you give me if I shoot him now?".