Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Dr Franklin, King George III did not like your lightening rod and made some changes to it.

Benj. Franklin invented the lightening rod and was very proud of the invention. As a gift to the public he never took out a patent on it. Now Franklin's work on the lightening rod started in the 1750's. His lightening rod had a sharp end to it.

By the 1770's when there was not to much love being shared between the American Colonies and their mother country England, a controversy started concerning lightening rods. In fact it was stated and ruled by King George himself that a lightening rod should have a ball on the end of it. In fact he had small cannon balled put on to the ends of all lightening rods. In fact he made it a law.

Franklin was not at all pleased by this action and wrote to the King to dispute that opinion. But the King did not change his course or opinion.

Who was right?

Funny to mention it, but King George the 3rd was.

In fact today lightening rods do not have a sharp point on their end, they have a bunt tip like a small ball.

So to Franklin we thank you for the invention of this wonderful device and to King George the 3rd, thanks for your improvement to the invention. Although we hardly ever hear about it.