Monday, May 30, 2011

The War Newspaper Aug 3, 1813 .. The article on Impressed Seamen

History has no greater joy than to join the past and see what they were reading and discussing. That is REAL HISTORY. I have often said that we have too much revised and comic book like history. Historians will go out of their way to protect their idols and heroes. That is human nature, but sadly it hurts our history. This is a newspaper from the War of 1812. It was called the War. The article I have put on for you the first page of the paper. Read history and you will see that they had their own ideas and of course even they were biased. It was war. But what is always amazing to see when you read papers like this are the little things that never get mentioned in todays history. That is what is so nice about reading a paper like this. The paper was made oddly in the spot close to where the World Trade Center is now. Right by the Bear-Market, that was an early shopping center that closed its doors in 1814.