Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One thing I do not understand about recruiting at universities

I have known of recruiting at universities for the military. I have known that there has been recruiting at universities and colleges as well for various things like sports, arts, religion etc. The one thing I cannot fathom at times is that the United States of America is not recruiting people from other countries who have achieved great scientific, mathematical,artistic prowess.
So many want to be a part of the country, but are put through endless loops of nonsense. Why is it so hard for so many of these people if they want to, to become a part of this country? We have made it easier for others, but what about those who can change the world and add a good touch of pride to this country. These are the people we need and in truth want.
I would suggest that all major universities have a group that would recruit or contact those who are advancing their education. These are the intellectual athletes that need to be added to the rosters of universities and schools and many research labs.

I personally know someone who has many degrees and is a great asset, yet it is very hard to get a green card. This makes no sense at all to me and if we loose him, the country looses anther intellect that it really cannot afford too. Time to wake up and keep the great talent going to our schools here and not be foolish and loose them.

So let us start to recruit at schools offering a green card and support to let these great thinkers and developers who will influence the next five decades, influence it here!