Saturday, August 11, 2012

One friends comments to me about us in the world..Why do so many in the world laugh at us? Cause we are too damn stupid!

I had a detailed and rather animated conversation with a friend of mine the other day. He was telling me about how stupid we are as a people. How we are the laughing stock of most of Europe and how we have a holier than thou look at the world and to the people in it with our thoughts of life, religion and our lacking of understanding of how much of the world works.

I admit we are a bit backward. We have the lowest IQ of any industrialized nation.  We have our silly religions and condemn those who think different. We have a large segmented area of really dumb people. Who do not give a damn. We have a nation of stupidly and morbidly obese people who waddle into McDonald's and any other place that gratifies the needs of fat people and cram tons of food into themselves.

 We even had fat morons who sued McDonald's for getting fat. These were three five hundred pound kids! Well McDonald's helped make them fat, but their families helped make them stupid!! Cause McDonald's did not push that food down their fat throats.

  We have a large segment of the population of this country that has not read a book in ages or perhaps ever. We have a large number of people in this country that cannot read or write! We have a large segment of the population that eats to excess and is dangerously fat! I believe Alabama is the fattest state in the Union. Someone should get in there and educate the people. So they just don't eat like cattle. Just walk down the street and see how many huge people are around. This is all going to cost lots of money in the future and this country cannot afford it. How many children do you see with fat belly's from eating too much and obviously unchecked by the parents!

 This is a scary epidemic. The incidence of childhood diabetes is off the charts!

His comment on the ignorance of the people of the United States is a joke around the world is scary. We had better start trying to repair the damage we have done.  40% of the people in this country think the bible is correct literally! that is pretty frightening to be honest.  It is something that baffles the rest of the world. To be honest I think it baffles most people who think.

Well religion attracts those who wish to be told what to think.

 Let's try to encourage intellect in our society as a whole. There comes a time when we need to leave the clueless behind and encourage growth and intellect.  We cannot remain stupid forever and need to grow beyond the dumb and lost in our society. If it requires leaving those who do not wish to think behind, so be it!
Let's start to push for better schools and if kids not interested in it and cause problems, put them directly in the army!  Start a junior corps in the army and whip some discipline into them. If they do not get it there they never will.

 Intellect requires intellect. We cannot think this way if we allow ourselves to think inside the box all the time.  I am for being all outside of it. In fact throw the damn box away!

.We truly do need to repair this country from its people, specially those who care nothing about advancing and improving themselves. Take a look at the ocean liner the SS United States in Philadelphia. It is a damn wreck and looks like it wants to sink. It is very much like the conditions of the United States itself.  If we do not do much of anything about many of our problems we will not have a country for much longer. Upkeep is sadly needed for this country, before it too sinks.

I am ready to move on beyond this madness and want to start to look, think, imagine , dare, invent, try, improve, educate, thin down, and restore this country to what it once was. Start pushing people to think , write a blog and make people think, talk to people and make them think and lastly think and improve yourself.   I will and I will try.   How about You?