Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The horrid effects of religion on man. How it has affected and ruined much of our history.

In our history mankind has always had various gods and goddesses. It seems to have been our lot since we had created a society of types to have a god. In my mind and my belief I find that most of the gods and their stories are similar.

 The first major religion and the one that gave good ideas for all of the rest of them was the Egyptian one. It was through this religion we had a list of commandments as to what is good and evil or right or wrong. It was through this religion we had a Virgin conceived and who bore a son. It was in this religion we have god who comes to earth and is man. He is then tortured and killed. But he then rises from the dead and reigns in the afterlife to judge those who enter his kingdom.

  Sound familiar?

It should as many religions have used the same story over and over again.

 Most of the religions that follow use many of the same stories. They are good to tell a story and we do understand and believe that there is little truth to any of these stories. But these stories are not there for truth, they are there to tell a moral story.

That is what all of these religion were for.  To control the masses to avoid uprisings. It was also there for power. One has to understand that religion has always been an invention of man and it was designed to keep control and to make money.

One has to understand these stories were not about truth, but to give moral guidance. Sadly as time has gone on we are taking these Egyptian fairy tales and making them into truths. There is how the start of rape of history begins. By taking much of this and thinking it is real.

 In this day and age the effects of religion are scary. We have people who are ready to kill each other, over 4000 year old Egyptian stories that are just stories. There is little difference between the Koran, the Bible, the New Testament, and the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Also if you study Egyptian texts outside of the Book of the Dead you will find even more stories that made it into the later religions.  This is because they are basically the same.

The problem is that some of these people really think it is true, what is written into these texts. They were, have been and will always be just stories. In each religion they just change the names around.  the Jesus story is just a rehashing of the Osiris story. Osiris was known as the "King of Kings" "The Lord God Almighty" &etc.

 The fact is now that most scholars agree that Moses, Adam and Eve, and a bunch of others never existed. They are good stories and make for moral tales.   But the frightening thing is that many are influenced wrongly by these invented stories and will kill each other over them.

 It is frighteningly stupid!

I read the news today and saw religious zealots killed the American Ambassador to Libya. That is nothing new. I recall seeing a religious zealot who shot and killed a doctor at an abortion clinic. Because it was what God said?  Many people get killed in the name of what ever God is popular. Personally I find Zeus most attractive.

Religious leaders are like economists, each one is pointing a different way. Remember the nutcase who was claiming the world would end and all of his followers gave away their money and property,,and also donated to this idiot, who got richer. He is just one of many morons who have claimed such things. This is the power and absolute control of religion over weak minds.

In fact I will say that rational people will become totally irrational when under the spell of religion and do some of the most wicked things.   Let's hope someday people will be smart enough not to believe in such fairy tales.

Each one is correct and each one dislikes the other. But most follow the same tried and true method. Cause it works and makes money. I keep mentioning money cause it is tax free and there is never a lack of fools ready to give their all for God. Therefore everyone has their own idea and how to make people believe it and most importantly how to make MONEY from it. Cause one has to understand the main reason for religion is POWER. If you do not believe it, look at that silly fool in Rome who has control over more money than we can ever imagine. Made from the plunder of other countries and the rape of its people.

Look at the silly Christians  who stupidly ran their Crusades, the murder of  tens of thousands of Muslims over stupid religious beliefs. Also look at the silly Muslims now who kill in the name of Allah, which is just as stupid as the Crusades were.
  I recall that some religious zealots believe that their bible and Koran  is true word for word. Perhaps that is one of the more frightening things to hear in an age of intellect and understanding.

I cannot imagine in this age we can be this clueless?

 I find it amazing that a 19th century man found gold tablets and then wrote a true account of Jesus using 17th century English? Come on now, that is just too funny for words!  He was copying from 17th century texts... What is funnier is that people believe it!
 I am also amazed that a science fiction writer has caused a lot of lost people to follow another crazy religion more recently..

This is not new, this epidemic has been going on for ages and keeps on going.  Just look at the Moonies in Korea.

Now lets look at how Religion has ruined history and destroyed so much of our real heritage.

Today we can only wish we had just some of the great ancient writings that were everywhere in the great libraries. We have some, a small amount. But most were destroyed by religious groups of what ever cult they were following.

 The horror of religion is that is has controlled the less intelligent yes, but in doing so allowed them the ruin tens of thousands of historic documents that did not follow their beliefs.  That is one of the many great crimes of religion. Look at historic libraries that were destroyed by religious idiots who felt that no other words except their gods was good or allowable. Think of all the great thinkers put to death for knowing the truth and killed by those who are insanely religious. This was done by the Christians, Jews, and Muslims.

Just think of some of the great Muslim libraries destroyed by the Christians. Think of the great library at Alexandria, the Parathion, many great seats of learning in Egypt, in Rome, and in many areas of the Middle East. Think of the destruction of great Russian art and influence, of great Chinese thinking, and the varied wisdom of the ancients.Who were too intelligent to fall for this religious nonsense. They were Deists and philosophers and had the strength of character to think, challenge, and ponder.

The Born again crowd are wanting to push their agenda into government just like Islam. These crazies need to see a doctor as they believe that a woman does not have control over her own body. Cause GOD said so!!  He also said you can have slaves, rape woman, kill infidels, not eat shellfish, and we can go on for a while if we take this religious stuff literally. Thank goodness we have not become that idiotic yet.

They would be happy to destroy art, papers, science, and intellectual thought that goes against them. Even saying that the world is just 6000 years old. These people need help.

 They think by pushing their history they can change history. Well foolishness and ignorance will never take the place of research. So what damage they have done to history fortunately has been slight as so many people see the stupidity of it all.  Unless you do not wish to think, which is one of the major rules of religion.

 The craziness of religion is very apparent in Central and South America as the Pope decreed that all the gold should come back to the church and all who did not follow the teachings of Christ would be put to death. They destroyed entire civilizations all for religion. How horrid that is. Look at the evil concept now of that stupid man in Rome and all the idiots who follow him who say to their new followers in Africa  ...

"AIDS is terrible, but not as bad as condoms!"  So the church teaches them that Condoms are bad and people are dying at an alarming rate.  Good job Pope!  You should go back to Hitler Youth where you started, Hitler would be proud of you!  By the way, Hitler was Catholic too.  so it all makes sense. That evil religion has been killing people for 1500 years!

Oh by the way I have not heard from the Pope that maybe they should give some of the loot they took from everyone by murder and deception and perhaps give it back. I thought that perhaps the man who represents a loving god would do so....But we all know it all over power and money. The evil church in Rome stole already and they are never going to give it back till they are put out of business for good.

Just look at where the Twin Towers were in New York and you will see another sick outlet of religion. Look at how these wackos go crazy if Mohammad is insulted or made fun of..Well how can you not? It is so stupid. Mohammad is just as silly as the Jesus myth.  But these will kill others if they make fun of their silly mascot!   Look at how woman are treated, and have been treated by these silly people who are obsessed with religion.  And let's not forget the Jews. They are acting like little Hitler's in Israel....Well all history comes full circle. They are as crazy as all the rest over their religion ... destroying and hurting history.

Religion has destroyed so much of our history.  Just think how wonderful this world would be with out it.

Perhaps the ideas of those who created these various religions and gods did too good a job. As there are too many really frighteningly stupid people taking it as truth.  I find these actions a great crime and intellectually frightening.

I find religion morally evil and an intellectual wasteland in which the lost, confused, and those eager to give money are told what to do and think.  What great intellectual, artistic, and cultural treasures would be shared with us if we did not have these evil empires who swallowed, destroyed, lied, murdered, and destroyed the lives of millions did not exist. What great knowledge would have been shared with us, but the religions did their best to keep people as clueless and stupid as possible. It was not till the enlightenment that the Catholic church stopped killing people. It is still going on with the crazies in Islam. But neither group has much to brag about being moral or just. It was a almost a crime to be black and a Mormon. Cause in the book he wrote using 17th century texts and a great imagination he said that the evil are turned black. Well that is what the gods told him. If we really want to believe this charade. It was not till the early 1970's that blacks were no longer bad. The silly fellow who wrote their religion was a well known con artist, who found a willing batch of crazies. That is just part of his craziness.

I will give the Mormons one good point, they rarely kill people, but go out of their way to make young men who are gay commit suicide. Cause that does not fit their mold.  Gay people are bad in the Mormon faith, as they are in the born again nutcase crowd, More than half of the priests of the Catholic church are gay so it does not matter I guess, but they will still condemn them as they play around at the Vatican and every other church. There are no Gay People in Iran of course. The Muslim wackos make sure they kill everyone who is...which means most of them probably are and are jealous that they are stuck with their wives. This due to this silly Mohammad, who  is just a story as well and made into much more than he ever was. I enjoyed the cartoons of him.

 I do not think the Jews like gays either. But they don't kill them.  All in all this shows me and tells me that religion is a wonderful piece of history and should remain so. Cause 12th century thought and Egyptian fairy tales about virgin births, resurrections of the divine, and prophets who are just pure evil  are just what they are...stories.

Religion and Man are incompatible. It has been that way for thousands of years as we keep inventing new religions. I find it the worst of man's inventions and it has been the scourge and horror of history.

 Someday hopefully the world will be rid of it.   This will be to the benefit of man and history.