Thursday, December 20, 2012

Let the lunacy begin. December 21, 2012

Here we go again with more stupidity.  This is as bad as last year when that clown Harold Camping convinced equally clueless people that Jesus was coming for them and the world was going to end.

Those people  gave away all their money, possessions, jobs in some cases, school, and went willy - nilly  in towns with signs and loudspeakers. I know I had to fight through these people to get to my bus every day.

Speaking of buses, one of those people even spent all of their savings to buy signs on buses and subways in New York City.  Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars telling New York the world would end on the date the Grand Moron Camping had decreed.

Well one person who did NOT give up their money was Camping. He had even done this craziness before and people still listened to him.  This smooth operator just made more money.  Well that bit of lunacy is over.

   Now we have this one.

December 21 2012.  This has been assisted by that movie (2012) and real lack of intellect.

 Well now we have nut jobs who are preparing for the end, I am not sure how many are giving away money yet. But I will be happy to look after it for you  :)

Has anyone in this whole batch of alarmists thought about "Leap Year"? I have not heard a thing about that. If it has not been factored into this event, it would have taken place years ago. Even if it was factored in you really have to wonder why such a silly story affects so many people?

In this modern age we think we are more intelligent. We think we know more. But the more I look I see a population of people who do not have to think.  They just go to a computer and it does the thinking for them. The end result is we become fatter and more lazy.

 Also sadly clueless.

So let the madness begin.......

 I am sure the press will be filled with stories of nuts who lose it on that day and of the watchers who will be waiting patiently for the end to come.

They should all go over to Harold Camping's  house and join that nut awaiting another end of the world event.

It will be fun to watch  ...  Happy Holidays