Monday, July 22, 2013

The railroading of Captain Turner of the Lusitania

Captain Turner was in charge of the Lusitania in May of 1915. This was his misfortune. Although he was prudent and well admired captain. He was railroaded by the none other than Winston Churchill and the Admiralty.The more one really knows Churchill, the more really sees who he was really was.

 The poor captain was used as pawn and allowed to be destroyed. The war that was fought from 1914 till 1918 was the war to continue all wars. Certainly not to end them. Churchill always welcomed wars and I am really of a belief that there was a genuine desire to see the Lusitania sunk. Churchill wanted the United States in the war very badly and he was hoping some sinking like this would help. Germany was not really the enemy of England, although England felt threatened by Germany's rise to power. It was all due to keeping England on top. The war was a war about nothing. The war that would forever change the world and ruin much of the future.
How many lives were lost and how many destroyed for this dreadful event that was the blame of both England and Germany. The world of warfare and plain decency in government was railroaded by the Admiralty in 1915. Sadly Churchill would be up to his same tricks later.

Captain Turner you were a great man who was allowed to be destroyed for another's profit.