Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Airship Mail 1932. A letter sent across the United States from coast to coast on the airship USS. Akron.

The USS Akron was one of the two monster airships built for the United States Navy.  Starting in 1931 with the Akron and followed by the Macon in 1933, which would crash in 1935. The Akron would crash in 1933 off the coast of New Jersey. The loss of life was tremendous. 

Here I have put in a few pictures of the airship. Also that letter that was sent airmail in 1932 via the USS Akron.

The Akron moored and resting

The Akron at Lakehurst, New Jersey in 1932. Note the airship Los Angeles in the massive hanger. The hanger still exists.

The letter has lots of great stamping all over. It is a great piece of history from when these giants roamed the skies. This letter sailed for several days on the massive airship.

Even the back does as well.

The Akron flying over New York

The ship mooring in California

Little bottle opener that is made of the same metal as the frame of the Akron. These were sold years ago during the 1930-1932 period