Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My philosophy of life..revisited

I wrote this piece a year ago. It was written deep in the middle of the night. I was restless and I wrote the feelings that were at the time quite important to me. I have gone over this and added a few items..But basically it is as I wrote it. I feel the same today, however it is a very troubling thing to see this world on the very brink of world war.
I have seen all the advertisements from the 1930's that were speaking against war. But war came and the world had no choice. Now we are against a rock and a hard place....Where will this lead, and where will all of these troubles head us toward? If I was able to say so I would. But I am but one man who sees history repeating itself....That alone scares me!

When will we ever learn to love each other?

Now back to what I wrote last year

I have been thinking as of late on what life is and means to me. I have been thinking of what life means to others.
This mudball earth that we all share seems to be closer to a really bad turn of events than it has perhaps in its whole existence.
I have often talked here about life and love..and that we should respect our fellow man...But there is more to it than that.

I feel that most people are inherently good..I feel that most people when given the opportunity will take the high ground...
I believe that most people love their families and friends...I believe that most people hate war and it horror...I believe that most people wish for peace...
I believe that we are in a most dangerous moment in the history of this small mass in this vast universe.
But we are in a world now where it is not the masses, but a select few are causing such terrible horror in the world.

So where do we go? What do we do?

I can say love your friends and enemies but that will go nowhere...

I could say look to religion...But we are killing each other because of religion!

I guess we have to look at life in a way that we have not looked before....or in a way we have not in a long time.

I feel that life is hard at times..and we go through many trials and horrors. But it is ourselves that brings strength. I know we can fall back on our religious icons...but in reality it is you that makes life worth while. The religion makes us feel better and we think it helps....Whatever religion you are talking about....They are all basically the same.

But once again I mention that it is you .. You make the difference.

My philosophy of life is that I have learned to understand life as best I can. I try to handle it as well as I can. I do not blame others for any of my hardships...I understand that I am the answer to the riddle of life.

When I see people blame others for their troubles, sorrows, emotional stability, and violent nature on those of their past I feel so sad. People are so happy to pass the buck and blame another for their problems. It relieves them of responsibility.

Life is very simple, but often we make it very difficult with our moods, thoughts, concepts and religions.

Go back to the core of life, the basics.....We are not any different from those who walked this world 100 years ago...We are not too far from the people of 1000 years ago...Just our toys are better...Or are they?????

As John Quincy Adams said in the Amistad Trial in which he fought for the freedom of the black slaves and won. ...That great man should be honored in so many ways. Much more than he is now.

He said "Who we are, is who we were." That is truly a strong point in where we are now. For who we are right now is truly who we were so many years ago.

The simpleness of life years ago was in many way a blessing...with our technology and "what we call progress" we have made such a mess of things......The simplest things are always the longest lasting and most successful.

Why because they are simple that is all.

We do very much influence our world with our thoughts and feelings...I often think that matter may be influenced by thought.
Thomas Edison once wrote that "matter is intelligent".... I often wonder if it truly is?

With this thought in mind..Maybe we need to slow down a bit...Look at ourselves in the collective mirror and say slow down ....

Life is a wonderful gift...it can bring great joy and sorrow...But the benefits far outweigh the negatives......Slow down my friends..look around...pick up a book...take a breath....

To my friends of the world ..let's all try to do the same...For we do all inhabit this little mudball called earth. We cannot go anywhere..we are all stuck here together.

Perhaps we cannot all be friends on this planet, but we can try to understand each other before it is too late. If I may say so, it is pretty darn late on this world's clock...We better do something soon!!!

As it says on rail road crossings...Stop, Look and Listen.......It really is time we did NOW!!

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