Thursday, August 09, 2007

Patricia Murphy's Restaurant...One of the great old restaurant's in Yonkers, NY....I have a wonderful little memento of the place from 1965

Menus from this great place which has long since vanished. It was a major destination in the 1950's and 60's.
The food there was wonderful. It was famous for the roasts and wonderful meals. It was a place were everyone would be dressed in a most formal fashion. Men and boys in a jacket and tie, and the ladies what ever their age in dresses.

I remember the formal settings and white tablecloths. I would have a Shirley Temple when there. It was a drink for kids that would resemble an adult drink. It was usually ginger ale with red cherry juice put in it. I felt pretty sophisticated with that.

The waiters were all so fashionable, and the music was lovely. It was of another world. Today I could not really imagine such a place that was not in the center of Manhatten to have such a success.
I know someone who was the voice of Patricia Murphy's restaurant for a while. He would make all the annoucements. His memories of the place are not as warm and friendly as mine. But one never feels the same when you work somewhere.

There were people dressed in costume whatever the period of time was or what holiday was taking place. It was always an event to be there.
I was 8 years old when I was there and received a wonderful reminder of that trip which I still have and cherish.

Here is a great picture of the entrance into the great restaurant. It was chock filled with gardens and fountains. It was truly an event to go there.
I have warm childhood memories of the place. The warm popovers that were always around. The fresh butter that came with them was wonderful too. There were interior gardens and fountains. When the holidays would come in December. There would be massive Christmas trees and little figures that would adorn the tables and every bit of the place.

Here is the little toy that I was given when I went to the restaurant with my family during the Christmas season of 1965. I love this little piece. I remember playing with this on the car ride back from Yonkers.
Now the reason how it survived was it was put in a box and forgotten. It ended up at my grandmothers. When my grandmother died in 1990 I found it and it has been with me ever since.
I would love to find a few more but look as I have tried I have not. But maybe it has more value as just being that one piece that I had when but a little boy.

Today that little fellow resides in my library and I see it every day. And I guess it is the oldest thing that I have from my childhood.

Lastly in the 1960's many cheap items that were sold in this country came from Japan. In fact that was a joke here that if it was cheap look and see where it was from and you would see ...Made in Japan.

Now in these days if you see .."made in Japan".. You know it is much better made than anything almost anywhere.
How much the whole world has changed in the 42 years since I got this little fellow from Patricia Murphy's restaurant in Yonkers New York.

You don't see this on cheap little trinkets anymore.