Sunday, April 15, 2007

The was most probably an award. But to whom, or for what I cannot be sure. One very unique piece of nautical history..Can anyone tell me what this is?

I bought this most unique piece around 1980, in Boonton, New Jersey. It was bought from a person who did estate sales and the like. I took a fancy to it and bought it. It has been with me ever since and I often look at and say.."I wish you could talk"..I bet it would have quite a tale to tell. .......
From what I have understood so far about it. ........It represents victory over the earth. It has the famous statue of Winged Victory standing over the earth. On this globe is little dots marking what I would gather to be trade routes, travels, or passenger routes over the globe. On the base are ships. ..mainly four stacker's...Which tells me it is from around the 1897 to perhaps1914.

But what was it for? An award? Or perhaps was it a small piece that went to all the captains of ships, copying one monster sized piece that looked like this. If that is so, where is the main piece? For that would be quite tremedous!

It is really quite a striking piece, and I enjoy looking at it..But maybe someone of you out there may know what this is.....I have made my guesses.

A closer look at the whole piece and a better shot of the flag on the bottom Blue with a K in its center.

Here you can see the four stacked ship on the base. Also you can see the markings along the globe as to routes taken. This could very well have been German.
I had a funny idea, that The Kaiser of Germany was quite a traveling sailor on his many different ships. I wonder if this could have been an award to members of his ships crew and covering the many trips that they had taken. Hence the K in the center of the flag, and also the somewhat grandiose nature of this piece. It would seem fitting as something the Kaiser would do. But who knows...Perhaps it would not just a K on it if it was for the Kaiser.
So what is it???????
It could have just as well been an award a boat show, or a yacht club...Who knows?? But I for one would like too.
If you have an idea I would love to hear from you. Maybe you have seen something like this before...I for one have not. But I welcome all ideas and thoughts on this whatever it is!
Then I can write a history on it...But for now it is just an odd little piece of nautical history......