Friday, May 04, 2007

The amazing elastic woman Rose Mary Woods. She gave it all for Nixon.

Here is a cartoon so much in line with the thoughts of the day.

Here she shows how she did it.

I was in high school during the Watergate mess. It brought out some wonderful dark comedy. Most of it was not planned or designed to be such. I watched the TV all the time...I watched all the meetings....When you went shopping, all the stores would have it playing..It was everywhere.
One of the great moments came when the issue of tapes was brought up. Rose Mary Woods was Nixon's private Secretary. When Nixon's tapes were given to the courts...One of the ones that seemed to have much really wonderful stuff on it suddenly went blank.
The person who gave themselves the blame was no one other than Ms. Woods. She said she quite accidentally erased the tape by answering the phone, typing a letter, and working with the tape machine at the same time...
However, the stretch she said she did would have been difficult for a gymnast.....Well we knew it was not true then..and now we really know it was not true.
She even posed for a picture..showing how she did it!!!!!
Eighteen minutes in that position???? Give me a break!! Even if it was a short moment it was a very difficult thing to explain. But my how she tried. It is truly wonderful to have such a loyal and wonderful person on your staff. I am sure she was adored by Nixon.
But she was loyal to the last. Just like Evelyn Lincoln..President Kennedy's personal secretary. She never saw anything...Had Kennedy asked her too, I am sure she would have gone to the gallows just like Rose Mary Woods did for Nixon. They were both of the same quality
But one of the great moments of Watergate was of Woods trying to make others believe what she said she did. One of the great moments of comedy in the dark days of Watergate.