Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Louis Jacques Mande' Daguerre... Inventor of the Daguerreotype .(The first successful photograph system)..But who would believe what he did not like!

This photograph of Daguerre was taken by Charles R. Meade of New York City in 1848. The Photo was taken in Brie-Sur-Maine, which is where Daguerre's chateau was located.
Meade and several other photographers were there with the intent to capture the inventor on film...
But a strange fact emerges...Louis Daguerre was camera shy! He did not like to be photographed!! They were all sent away with their cameras.
However Meade, who was president of Meade Brothers studio in NYC was not to be outdone. He returned to the Daguerre home later and persuaded Daguerre's niece and wife to intercede for him.
Finally the camera shy Daguerre posed for this picture. One of the few of the man who changed the world tremendously, by his wonderful invention.