Friday, September 28, 2007

Myanmar....Many brave Monks and citizens

Rangoon, Burma (Yangon, Myanmar) Protests spread in different parts of the city. This was the second of three large protest marches

As monks begin to form their protest march, the monk at the head of the procession holds his bowl overturned,

Monks march west on Shwegondine Road in Yangon as onlookers join and form a human chain to protect the monks from government forces deployed to crackdown on the demonstrations.

In a country where such demonstrations are commonplace, and very annoying, as most are really lacking in meaning or substance. Here is a group who are demonstrating in what may lead to their death. These brave Monks and citizens are amazing. I am most moved by the human chain around the monks by the local citizens to protect them from the Government.
God Speed my friends in Burma.