Wednesday, September 05, 2007

President William McKinley (1843-1901) ....Served (1897-1901)...One of the most under rated of this nation's Presidents ..Few were better.

I am amazed at how little people know of William McKinley, our 25th President. He was the first modern President. He was the President that changed this country so much. He did so much, few think he did do it and often credit his successor for all the great changes and ideas. NOT SO!!!!!!!

Here are some of the things that McKinley started or was working on at his death...

The Panama Canal
The new and improved/ enlarged navy
Press offices in the White House
Intelligence room
Trust busting and controls on big business
Tariff controls
global and international status
Income tax reform
election reform
Control of Hawaii and its naval ports
Union /Labor regulation
Building up the military force
Modernisation of government

Few Presidents were as hands on as McKinley. During the Spanish American War he was in control and worked in the war room on strategy and was in control of all actions.

He had an amazing sense of intellect, and prowess on many issues and subjects. Many thought that he was a puppet of Mark Hannah and the trusts. But that was not at all the case. He was his own man. He ran the war with an iron grip. He was a modest man not a media hound. That is why we do not know this.
He was not the man that Roosevelt refereed to as having the backbone of a Chocolate Eclair.
The problem with Roosevelt was he lived in a world of make believe. He was as clueless as can be about war and while he did make a few good moves he did many things that were extremely embarrassing not only to the President but himself.

Fortunately McKinley had a better intellect and more common sense than Roosevelt. He knew what Roosevelt was up too. In time McKinley had made the moves and actions that would help end the war as fast as possible.
I think Justice Holmes put it best in describing Roosevelt as a 1st rate personality with a 2nd rate intellect.

Many think it was Roosevelt who won the Spanish American War. Not so! Roosevelt would later write books basically saying so. But they were as truthful as the fact that the Rough Riders went up San Juan Hill! They did not either. They went up Kettle Hill. And they were led by Leonard Wood.

Theodore Roosevelt's 1st term was McKinley's 2nd. The Cabinet stayed the same. The issues, bills, and ideas of McKinley were carried out. Sadly in Roosevelt's name. Of course Roosevelt took all the credit.

Roosevelt's 2nd term was his own and he shines in it. But much of what we think of today as the great ideas, intellect and actions of Roosevelt were indeed McKinley's.

One of the greatest of our Presidents and truly one of the top 10! Also McKinley was the first President to ride in an automobile.
I hear it all the time that it was Roosevelt.... It was not!

It was once again McKinley. Opportunists always take what they can. I am reminded of what Harry S Trumann said of Roosevelt. He said.."He was more bull, than moose" ...That is in many ways so true.

Thank you President McKinley. You sure do deserve a higher pedestal and many greater honors than what you get in this age.