Tuesday, August 18, 2009

1916 pro German recordings made in New York.

In the 1914-16 period there was a very strong pro German side to American society. Although in history we often hear little about Germany in that period outside of negative things. But one has to understand that in the New York/New Jersey area there were millions of German-Americans. One has to also look at the fact that England was not too nice a country either. There was also a very strong feeling against England as well in the USA. I find it quite fascinating that this is rarely mentioned in our histories. Well once again history is written by the winners with very little regard for accuracy.
In fact although the USA was neutral till 1917. The USA was doing some awful stuff against Germany in the 1915-1916 period. In fact they were sending military material over to England on ships and then calling foul when they were sunk by the Germans.

When the German "non Military" Submarine called the Deutschland came into New York Harbor the British were calling foul as well. The Deutschland brought to the USA chemicals and took back medical items and needed goods. It was a peaceful voyage and not to load the vessel with arms.
It was around this time that several recordings were made by the Columbia Graphophone Company that were offered for sale. These records would raise funds for the German Red Cross and also for needed supplies for the families and soldiers who were fighting for their beliefs and Kaiser. These labels are quite rare today, as within a short while they were discontinued.
This recording was made on March 8, 1916, most probably in the Columbia Recording studio in the Woolworth Building.
This recording was probably made the same day or a day or two before. I feel that much of the history of that time has been offered in a bad way. WWI was a stupid war that was not at all necessary. It brought forth nothing but horror, hardship, the stupid treaty of Versailles, and the groundwork for WW2.