Monday, August 10, 2009

The first biography of Marilyn Monroe was done by Joe Franklin in 1953. He worked with MM to make this first book. But no one knows about it today.

The first biography on Monroe was done by Joe Franklin. Joe worked personally with Marilyn for a few weeks to get this book in shape. it was the book that finally introduced Marilyn Monroe to the world, not old Norma Jean.

It was not one of the more fancy of books at the time and it falls under the category of inexpensive. But it was the first. Joe Franklin has in his life written 23 books.

This is the front cover of this RARE book on Monroe. What is nice about it was that she worked hand in hand with Franklin to make this a success. Joe told me that Monroe loved Chinese food and that they would live on it as they worked on this book.

The back lists the authors .. Joe did the work with Monroe. He wrote most of this book. in some ways it bacame a bit of an autobiography for Monroe as she was working right next to Joe on this book. The book is one of the most unknown and rare books on Monroe.

The ever lovely Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962)

Joe and I in 1998

Joe in his ever cluttered office . He has had a most amazing career from the days of being involved with Eddie Cantor, to these days of being a Media Icon. He is truly one of kind. It has been a pleasure to know him.