Sunday, November 01, 2009

Dennis O'Sullivan. Actor, Singer, Composer, Performer.(1868-1908) Born in America, trained in Europe, performed for 3 short months in the USA.

Denis O'Sullivan was the Irish Singer. He was know all over as a great and entertaining fellow and died far too young at 39. He was born in San Fransisco. He soon traveled to Europe were he studied and performed all over. He arrived back in the USA on November 22, 1907. He was a major headliner in the USA for a few short months. He made his first great success in the USA at McVicker's Theater in Chicago. He went on to Ohio and soon after died on February 20, 1908. His was a short career. Here are a few items from that very short American Career.Here is an announcement of his death
Here is a playbill of one of his last performances at the theater he first became famous in.