Sunday, November 08, 2009

J. P. Morgan may have heard a lot of jingles in his pockets, but his uncle wrote the song all about jingles.....Jingle Bells

In August, 1857 James Lord Pierpont wrote his song "The One Horse Open Sleigh" in Savanna,Georgia, and it was published by the Oliver Ditson Company in Boston. The popularity of the song grew with time to the point where it became one of the most popular and recognizable songs of the Christmas holiday. But when first written it really was not so popular or even known. But like many songs, they grow on you. Of course this man was not so rich, but he did write about Jingle Bells and of course his famous nephew knew a lot about Jingling..Of course he did not jingle bells, he jingled money. Just so you know and can see the connection in their names. J. P. Morgan's full name was, John Pierpont Morgan. Although we always think of J.P. Morgan as a money man, he did enjoy singing and perhaps that part of his personality and life came from his very musical Pierpont side. For he was known to come marching into his library on 36th Street singing at times.
James Lord Pierpont 1822-1893

An early Columbia disc recording made in 1902 of "The sleigh ride party" in which the song Jingle Bells was sung. Today we do not think of sleigh riding much, but of course that is what the song is all about. This is one of the earliest versions of the song on record. Of course it was recorded first in the 1890's as a novelty number as it was on this disc in 1902. This recording by the way was recorded in New York City.