Friday, April 05, 2013

North Korea, a land of mystery, power and fanaticism. The world of the Dear Leaders?

When one talks of Korea, it is almost always in the thought of South Korea. North Korea is not a country one wants to see, even if you want to it is very hard to get there. It is the north part, hence the more mountainous part of the two parts. It is under the control of a dead man.

For right now the grandson of the founder of the entire ideal of North Korea is the Dear Leader. But that does not mean he is totally in charge. For in many ways like the Christian belief, The Father is in heaven and his son and grandson have been representatives of the grandfather. The Grandfather is still the head of government there, assisted by the Dear Leaders.

This bizarre relationship has been going on for well over 20 years. Since the Grandfather assumed room Temp.

The country is a communist stronghold that is unlike most before it. For the people have to make the Dear Leader happy. If there is mourning like the death of Kim Jung Il. You have to mourn with gusto! If not you will be facing hard labor. If there is a celebration the same is true. you need to show your happiness. If nor hard labor.

As I write North Korea had in its own bizarre way declared war on the United States and South Korea. Now their declaration of war is by little insults here and there. There has been no formal start to hostilities. I think that maybe something may happen in South Korea.

 But it would be lunacy to start a war with the United States. This is a country that is so poor it's children are 2 inches shorter than South Koreans. Due to malnutrition. If I was the leader I would make sure my people were well fed.

For if you want an army in the future, you had better start feeding the young. Otherwise the fat Dear Leader will be leading a much shorter army than he ever dreamed.

I am not sure what will happen, but I am not thinking that war will take place. North Korea has put its cards on the table and is saying it has four aces. My thought is that this will hurt North Korea and may even lead to the overthrow of the more recent Dear Leader Kim Jung Un. Who by the way was fattened up to a massive degree to look more like his grandfather.

It will be interesting to see what happens, for now as I write the world is a not sure what tomorrow may bring.

I for one do not think anything may happen except the launch of a missile  Cause much of this is to prove Kim Jung Un is of leadership quality. He is proving himself before his generals and his aunt..