Thursday, April 18, 2013

Why hate Aaron Burr? He was no worse than Jefferson or Hamilton. In many ways far better than both.

Aaron Burr was one of the greats who was destroyed by many of the greats. Why?  Because he was too honest. Honesty and integrity will often not get you far in politics.

 Jefferson was a political animal who cared not a damn about a friend or family member when it came to politics. The more you learn about Jefferson the man, not the myth, the less you will like him. He was a cruel backbiting man who did not lose any sleep destroying the careers of others. Had no problems with keeping slaves, having an affair with a person he owned and producing a number of children who would remain slaves till Jefferson's death!

 He felt that women were not worthy of educating. I am just touching the surface here. It gets more vile as you dig. His comments on those who are Africans were frightening. He compared them to baboons and other lowly animals. This is the man who wrote "All men are created equal". I could dig further, but I think you get the point of who this was...

Hamilton in his later years was just a disaster and a fool who not only destroyed his own party, but his own career. Burr saved Hamilton from complete ruin by shooting him in a duel. Otherwise, Hamilton would have been looked at as the mess he truly was.
 It should be remembered that Hamilton's career was long finished by 1804. He had disgraced himself in his political actions, his sexual affairs, and his basic dishonesty. Yes he was brilliant with the Federalist Papers and his actions in early finance. But, his actions after 1792 are really nothing grand. He was such a philanderer that when ever Martha Washington saw a tomcat on the prowl. She would refer to it as Alexander Hamilton!

Aaron Burr was no angel either. But he was more moral than either of the others mentioned. He was a strong supporter of women's rights and the education of women.  He was the first to push for the abolition of slaves. This was long before Hamilton, who did own a few slaves at one point. But found and changed sides when it was politically good for him to do so.
Many still say Hamilton was the first to do this in New York. But that is just not true!

Hamilton was never the intellectual equal of Burr's and this frustrated Hamilton to no end. For each time Hamilton tried to destroy Burr's advances in politics, Burr would outwit him. Driving Hamilton crazy with envy and vitriol. Of which he would utter to the press, communicate to others in letters and in his public conversations.

Burr also created the first water system in New York City, created the Manhattan Bank, was a strong supporter for the less fortunate. Creating basically the modern political system. Lastly, he honorably stepped back and allowed Jefferson to be President when they were tied for the election. With the understanding that Burr would follow the older Jefferson. However, Jefferson had no intention of allowing Burr to follow him into office and spent the rest of his administration trying to destroy Burr after that. Doing a rather good job of it as well.

The sad fact is that many of Burr's papers were lost and what we get often is the slanted statements of Jefferson and Hamilton. With friends like that who needed enemies, as John Adams would find out.

I want people to study, learn about Burr. You will find a jewel surrounded by fakes.

Time for people to really learn our history rather than the crap that has been written by the defenders of Jefferson and Hamilton.. Study and you will in time, see who was the honest one.

The big statement is that Burr was trying to go to Mexico to start a new Kingdom. Well it was interesting for him , but Hamilton had already tried that. Burr knew this as he was far more intelligent than Hamilton and saw the folly of it.

You see Hamilton looked into Mexico as a place he could reign in and control long before Burr even looked there.   But all we hear about is Burr.  Lastly, Burr was out west on the request of President Jefferson.  This was part of Jefferson's attempt to finish off Burr. It was during this time that Jefferson started his totally fake treason charges. Which were not pushed by the US government, but the White House.

Hamilton and Jefferson deserved each other. The nation sadly missed having Burr as President. I think it would have been a great period of time and an advancement in the countries history.

We always hear of the great intellect that was Thomas Jefferson. He was a man of the enlightenment, who had no sense of humor, was cold, spoiled, and never played the game fairly.

 He had a brain trust, that was James Madison. Madison was Jefferson's attack dog at times and was also keenly intelligent and vicious as Jefferson was. These two would ruin the careers of those who they did not approve.

Outside of Burr, perhaps one of the greatest examples of this was President John Adams. Of whom Jefferson hired people to slander the President and destroy his career. This was the Jefferson no one likes to remember. But that was the real Jefferson. Cold, heartless, and intoxicated with his own brilliance. As John Adams said of Jefferson.
"Jefferson has many qualities, but one of them is not integrity".

 Just as Hamilton tried to bring the the United States into war with France.  He wanted to be a commander in the field. But he was not of the metal. He was pushing poor George Washington to do as he liked. He used Washington as a puppet. He tried to destroy the administration of John Adams as well, and with his actions could have destroyed the entire country. He was as I originally said a fool! His death in the duel with Burr is what saved him. For he was deeply disliked by many, and to be honest Burr's actions were quietly applauded behind closed doors. Perhaps John Adams help is needed again to describe Hamilton best. He called him " The bastard brat of a Scottish sea peddler".

It is interesting to note that the only one of this bunch that Adams truly respected was Burr. Of course he and Jefferson would write to each other as old men only after Adams took the pains to do so. Even then, it was a careful dialog. Jefferson would never truly admit to his actions and cruelty, and Adams would never push the issue. They talked of things that would not involve each others actions and do a careful dance to keep it that way.

Hamilton was blackmailed by his sexual actions, forced to pay out a large sum of hush money and was pretty much in ruin by 1804. After his death, his family was supported by a massive trust fun created on their behalf. Then with careful skill the Hamilton family purchased as many of the original letters and papers of Hamilton and destroyed all that were not fitting for his image. Which means a lot of papers were destroyed.

Hamilton was challenged to many duels, for he was one of those people who could not keep his mouth shut. He would slander you publicly, and recant to you privately. Therefore the sting of the attack would always stay. Burr was attacked non stop by Hamilton. Finally, Burr had had enough.

The duel at Wehawken was even affected by Hamilton's dishonesty. He used trick pistols that had a hidden hair trigger that would be to his advantage. It seems he just touched the trigger and his gun went off. Burr who was never known as a good shot was successful that day. Sadly he died that day too... Politically. But lingered on till 1836. A shell of his former self.

Jefferson who would live on till 1826 carefully altered his diaries and destroyed letters that would make him look like he really did. In fact, even after Jefferson died James Madison continued the work. Even going so far as to learn to write like Jefferson to change, correct, or totally alter the history, by writing new letters.

The only one who did not do this was Burr. Many of his papers were lost at sea. He did not try to alter history. He accepted his fate. He regretted the duel, forever hated Thomas Jefferson for his loathsome tactics. He lived out his life till the 1830's. By this time he was rather poor and most probably losing it. But he did some foolish things, made some great mistakes. But always accepted his fate, and never tried to change the history.  I am saying he was dishonest at times as well, but once again compared to the other two. He was almost saintly.

Hamilton and Jefferson are known as great leaders of the revolution. Hamilton was never a great leader in battle, but was adored by George Washington. who just kept advancing him. Jefferson wrote much of the Declaration and when the British were near, unlike most of the signers of that document, he ran away. When duty called, he ran like hell.

 Little is known of Burr in the battles of Long Island and Harlem in which is was he would save Washington's troops with his actions of removing them from harms way. An action that forever made Washington dislike him. But there should be a statue of Burr in Manhattan. His partner in this was a Mrs. Murray. Hence Murray Hill in New York City. But Burr is forgotten and brushed over with several coats of historic re visionary paint. Had he not done what he did, Washington would have been trapped with his troops in lower Manhattan.

Every one who is honest about history will know the greatness of Burr's actions. But in New York City Alexander Hamilton is regarded as a saint. His descendants were very keenly in involved in preserving his history and legacy in the city. When I was recently in the New York Historic Society I asked what is there about Burr. There was very little, it was very strongly Hamilton based. Sad to see indeed.

 For his actions saved the American Revolution. But we never hear of it. Just Hamilton and Jefferson. Knowing those two as I do...........

Burr comes out smelling like a rose......honestly.