Thursday, June 28, 2007

The famous picture of William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt together for the election of 1900. They were not together for it!

Perhaps one of the first uses of new technology was this campaign picture of McKinley and Roosevelt for the election of 1900.
However, McKinley's picture here was taken in 1896 and Roosevelt's was taken in 1900. So through some clever photographic work they put the two of them together.
McKinley was not extremely fond of Roosevelt, and Roosevelt was not at all impressed by McKinley. So this photo was made through the wonder of technology. If you look carefully you will see the line between the men, and the spot where the two photos were merged.
In those days the Vice Presidential office was a waste land. It was a good place to put someone and keep them away from anything. Roosevelt had been banished into the VP spot by the powerful Republican leaders.
But one person saw the situation. Senator Hanna. Who basically said to them all that they had put only one life between the Presidency and that damned cowboy.
It was his greatest gift of prophecy...In 1901 McKinley was assassinated and that damned cowboy became President!