Saturday, June 09, 2007

March 4, 1865.....The day Lincoln's heart skipped a beat

The Capital that grey rainy March day. It was overcast till Lincoln got up to speak

On that day..March 4, 1865....Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States was ready to enter his second term as President. He would be the first President to do so since the 7th one..Andrew Jackson. Now as he sat there on this cool day..The slightly drunk Andrew Johnson, his new Vice President was at his side.
Before they went outside there was the Vice-Presidential swearing in the capital....Johnson was under the weather and he took some whiskey to fortify himself.
It had a completely opposite effect. He quickly became quite drunk and gave a rambling speech, as a very embarrassed Lincoln try to find a way to hide his six foot four inch frame in his chair to no success.
After that wonderful moment the election party went outside to where Lincoln would take the oath of office for the second time.
This photograph was taken as they were ready to begin. Lincoln looks like a stone figure in his chair as he sits next to Johnson...It was quite cloudy and rainy out.
Soon it came time for Lincoln to speak. He rose, and as he did a sunburst of rays shown down on him from a break in the clouds!! It was an amazing moment not unnoticed by the crowds there. To Lincoln it was shocking. He said after the event that his heart fairly skipped a beat....