Friday, June 15, 2007

The Victrola XII....The Edsel of the Victor Talking Machine Company...1909-1910...It sold for $125.00

It was a lovely plated ..and well decorated...But sounded rather poor. The small doors in front of the horn exposed..
The motor of the machine. It was completely plated/ Below an add for the Victrola XVI and XII from late 1909/early 1910
It was earmarked to be the great smaller machine to compliment the Victor records. But it was all fancy, gold plated, mahogany, and a horn smaller than the least expensive machine. It was made for just a year....Although it was beautiful and well designed. It had such a small horn it sounded anemic. But here are a few pictures of this most bizarre machine. Victor never made another like it... It is still one of my favorites.....