Saturday, October 06, 2007

Abraham Lincoln's Presidential railway car. It was to be used by the President to travel. However it was to see its main use in his funeral.

Lincoln funeral car. With an honor guard. This was the car that would take the bodies of Lincoln and his son Willie home to Springfield, Illinois

The Presidential car pulled out of its garage in January 1865. Note the Presidential seal on the side of the car.

Lincoln's funeral train ready to leave. The 9 car train would travel from Washington DC to Springfield Illinois. Lincoln's well traveled body would be on view into early May.

The Lincoln car was a Pullman that was to be used by President Lincoln as he traveled. it was ready for use in late 1864. However Lincoln did not travel much of anywhere by train in the later years. Sadly by the spring, Lincoln was no more. the victim of an assassins bullet. The car that was to be his transportation in life, soon became the vehicle to transport his remains in death. Lincoln's car was used on the funeral train and carried his and his son's body to their last resting place.

The car was later put on exhibit, and it was destroyed by fire in 1911. All that was saved of the car was a pane of glass.