Thursday, October 18, 2007

King's view of New York 1911 and the future

New York of the future...I guess it was thought by them what New York would be in one hundred years. Just like every other prediction.It is way off the mark, but wonderfully amusing.

The tip of Manhattan Island in the eye of the artist. With a completed Woolworth Building on Broadway.

Something new in those days was a view from the sky. To see it like a bird.

Some of the large buildings in New York as of this time. The buildings seem as massive as the confidence of that era.

The area of Grant's Tomb and Columbia University.

The many maps and drawings in the early years of the the 20th century of New York were most often provided by King's Views of New York. This publication that came out it seems yearly. Would document New York as it was then. On it cover it showed what New York would be like in the future. But it was a great time of optimism and expansion in New York and this booklet shows it. So it is near a century since the publication came out. And I am glad that New York is not as they foresaw it.