Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My 1972 Caddy ..It was quite a limo, it was quite a car.

When we are very young we do things that may seem a bit strange and unusual. But in 1982 I bought a 1972 Cadillac Limo. It was so amazingly huge. It was a great party car. There was only one sad point I was driving.
The car had been in the use of the Warner Lambert Company before my friend Ted Spangenberg bought it. He had it for 6 years. It was a great car.

So when I needed a car I bought Ted's Limo. I was 25 and crazy ...and it looked like fun. Now looking back on it. I am glad I got it as I had a great time in it.
It was the ultimate party car.
But this car was my one venture into monster cars. The interior was beautiful and plush. It had a glass window that would raise and lower between the front and rear seats. It could seat 9 . It had an opera window in the back that was so tiny, but it was cute. It had two stereo systems..I had many parties in it.
We even made davit on the back and hung a cardboard VW bug on it as a lifeboat. That was funny and I wish I had taken a picture of it. But cameras were not everywhere then, like they are now.
In fact I did not take this picture of my car. It was taken by a friend of mine who 2 weeks after he took this picture drowned in a pool. So thanks to David I have this picture...I think of him every time I see it.
This picture was taken in Trenton, New Jersey in 1982. We were all going to the beach for a party. Of course there were about 7 in my car.

By 1984 the car was having troubles. I could not afford the repairs. The last straw was when the entire electrical system for the windows went down. I had the windows open and it started to rain...Ironically on the radio was playing the song.."Its raining again" I could not get over the irony of that moment.

But soon I traded the car in for a 1976 Dodge Dart and was happy. The Dodge had crank windows, and a slant six engine. It was good on gas. I must confess the Caddy belched every time it drove by a gas station. But what a hell of a good 2 years I had in that car!