Saturday, June 06, 2009

My Great Great Grandfather's discharge from the Civil War 1865

My great great grandfather was from Bavaria and arrived in the United States in early 1865. He went through immigration at Castle Clinton and found himself all at once in the Union Army. He was drummed out of the service in July of 1865 in Washington DC.  He was a blacksmith and that was a very good career to have back then. I remember asking my grandfather when I was a very little boy about him. It was through my grandfather that I know anything about him. Sadly my conversations with him were when I was 8 years of age.
He was born in 1842, and he would die in West Hoboken in late 1917. I have visited his grave several times in Union City and I will add some other info I have on that later. But while I have been thinking of the history of our servicemen on this 65th anniversary of D Day. My thoughts also went to those who have served before, such as my great great grandfather, Jacob Schick.