Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Now watch the bloodbath over the legacy of Michael Jackson, children, assets and his recordings. History in the making!

It has been a long time since we have been treated to show like this. I have expressed my sorrow over the death of Jackson. I feel for his children and to his family.

However, every group or person that can and will, has come out of the woodwork to claim a piece of the prize.
Jackson's legacy might end up in the hands of his bizarre father.

His mother has claimed that she should have the rights to his children and to his estate. I am still wondering if they are indeed his children?

Al Sharpton has of course made his presence known as the family spokesman.

The brothers and sisters have made their statements.

Even the monkey that Jackson used to have is now being used as a pawn to get money.

The whole thing is going to become a big bloodbath over who will get the most media attention. Cause all of the folks mentioned want it. There is a will that has been produced and has been filed.

This circus will go on for a long time as each of the groups, family members, friends, possibly lovers and ex what ever's go at it.

Now of course did I mention the lawyers? They have something to gain with this too. The loans, assets, contracts, debts, and the whole financial world that was Michael Jackson.

What about Neverland? Will they bury him there and create a shrine? Who will control that?

This will be a show to watch for the next few months. It will be one big family feud, with a lot of special guest artists to balance the story.