Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Is it time for a new political party? The parties that exist today are so long in the tooth. And if you really want change be serious about it!

In our history as a country there have been many moments that people have said I cannot take it anymore, and bolted from their existing party and created a new one.
What if we look at the historical record. We see it happening many times.

The original party of the United States was the Federalist party. George Washington was our first president and a member of that party as well as John Adams our second president. But by 1800 there was political strife between the Federalists and the Republicans. Republicans in those days were democrats. The battles between parties has gone on and it has never stopped since. There is one exception, the election of 1820.

Some of the parties that existed were the Whigs, the Know Nothings, the Democrats, the Republicans, Socialists, and even a party called the Bull Moose party.

Most of these came into being because of social change. Many of these came into being because of ideology. And some of them came into being because of war.

The main reason that seems to be when it comes to the formation of new political parties. Is that there is a belief and a desire to make a profound change.

Perhaps one of the greatest examples of that is the Republican Party developed in the 1850s. At the time you had the Whigs, Democrats, and a lot of very old Federalists.
The Republican Party was more or less a refined, streamlined and upgraded Whig party. By 1860 the Republican Party became the party of choice with its candidate Abraham Lincoln.

That was sweeping social change.

We have not had a situation quite like that since then. There have been tries as there have been Socialists party's and Bull Moose party's and other things like that. But nothing has had the effect of that great change of the 1850s with the Republican Party.

Today with all the nonsense going on in government and politics and many of the people involved there in the political system.

It seems time to start doing something different. It seems time for another social awakening. I think it's time for a new political party.

I have become extremely sick of the Democrats and the Republicans and the useless banter that goes on between them. The emphasis seems to be more on them than on us.
We have people in Congress who have been there for nearly 50 years. Some because their family did it before them. Please throw them out.
This is utterly ridiculous. I am often reminded of how Benjamin Franklin said Congress should be dealt with. He said that people who serve in Congress should do it without a salary. That it should be an honor to serve your country.

Not to be reckless playboys in the political arena.

So I end this short rant. With the challenge to my fellow Americans.

That it is time for a us to start looking at something new. It is time to start a new social revolution in the field of politics. It is time for us to start to follow the rules set up by our forebears.
I know that now change is talked about all the time by the current President. But how much change has there really been? Save for a change in talk! Pleasing the old members of his party will be the major concern to him and whom ever occupies that high office.

But lets make a new party The last major successful party was founded 150 years ago. Just like the Federalists, Know Nothings, Whigs, and others were pushed aside for sweeping change. We need that now.
I would love to see a candidate who is really for change and have him or her say. " I am for change, therefore I am devoting my term for change and not interested in being re elected. That is not important, change is." Now that will never happen These are politicians, not honest people.

I truly believe that the people in politics today have become fat, happy, complacent, and intoxicated with power. With this combination they have become completely and totally impotent to the needs and understandings of the general public.

It seems to me that it is 1850 again, and time for us to create a new party, a party of change, a party of new ideas.

What is happening now will lead us to ruin. It is time to get rid of ALL the waste in Washington and bring in some fresh and new ideas before all these old and useless people in Washington totally destroy this country.
In many ways we are in far worse shape than we were in the 1850's...We are a fat bloated Republic with a leak. Believe me if that leak is not repaired...It could prove a fatal blow to this country.....

Time for term limits, and I hope I can express this best this way...DON'T VOTE for one incumbent. Perhaps with a People's Revolution like that we can change things for the better.

Sadly, I know that is only a many people will vote with out the slightest thought at all...Just vote for the party I voted for before......TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Real change means real change! I don't want to hear about it.

I want to see it!

The United States was created with change in mind. That dream should be as alive in us, as it was in the patriots of Lexington or Concord.

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