Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A very few words from the front. The first recording made from a battle field of war, of General John J. Pershing.. April 4, 1918

A recording was made of General J.J. Pershing at his Field office in France on April 4, 1918. It was recorded by Nations Forum Records which was originally a part of the Columbia Graphophone Company. This was the first recording made in a field of battle, although not right in it.
It was a spell bounding recording as to where it had been made. That caught the imagination of everyone.
If you look at the record you will see that Pershing speaks for about 25 seconds. One of the shortest commercial recordings ever made. But one of the most historic of the time. He said everything he needed to say in the shortest words possible. You can see he was a general and not a politician.
If you look carefully at the record you will see the short area where the recording is and on the lower half where Pershing signed his name in the wax.