Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Roadside America.. I loved that place and was there in the early 1960's

Long ago and as you can see, no zip codes!

Now that was a long time ago in Shartlesville, Pennsylvania. But I see from looking at the Internet that it has not changed much at all. I recall the many trains, steam rollers, cars, trucks and rivers. I recall that there was a moment when the evening came and you could hear Kate Smith sing God Bless America and the Spirit of St. Louis flew over head. Now I am not sure that is done anymore, but it seemed fitting and my guess is that they still do it. I have here a few post cards from that visit and thought it would be nice to share. I would like to see that place again after so many years. I know it was amazing then to me. I wonder what I will think 45 years later?