Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A look at the Emperor and Crown prince of Korea. Harpers Magazine 1902.. Four wonderful photographs from another age.

This is much in this article and I will try to add more as time goes on. I thought I would share with you these quaint photos of Korea in another age. I would guess the photos are sometime in 1901.
The article states that the Emperor lives in a not too kingly fashion. Also said he was all smiles. However it had little good to say about the Crown Prince. In my studies I see that this Crown Prince was replaced by another in 1907.

I find the clothing of the Emperor to look rather Germanic with that helmet. Of course the uniform is influenced by European or Russian military outfits. Russia was a provider of protection for Korea. This was just before the Russian Japanese conflict.

The Crown Prince in this picture below was not the Crown Prince at all. He was the younger brother of the Crown Prince. He was seen more and thought to be the Prince. But like many parts of history and journalism there are mistakes. So after 107 years I would like to make this correction.

The author Alfred Stead was rather blunt in his statements as many were in those days, But these photographs from 1901 are a wonderful window into a long lost kingdom and a country that is no longer anything like it was here.