Wednesday, July 22, 2009

RMS Queen Elizabeth in Fort Lauderdale Florida on December 8, 1968...Newpaper Clippings saved by me as an 11 year old boy.

This is me in 1968

Yes this looks a little rough and not too well done. I must confess it was done by me at the age of 11. It was on Dec 8, 1968, that the RMS Queen Elizabeth was brought to Port Everglades. This was in Fort Lauderdale Florida. I lived a short distance from Port Everglades and I was there often to look at the ships. But this was special. The great Queen Elizabeth, which had sailed for 28 years at this time. It took a while to get her in the harbor as she was way larger than anything that had come on before.
I remember my father wanting to see the ship he had been on in the 1950's called the USS Wasp. It came but had to stay outside of Port Everglades as the draft of the ship was too great for the harbor.
In the case of the Elizabeth, she drew a great deal of water too. She arrived on the 7th. However she could not come in till the 8th as they were dredging the harbor to allow her to make it in. These pictures were from the local paper in Ft. Lauderdale. However it has been too many years and I do not recall the name of the paper anymore.This is a great shot of the Queen Elizabeth
A color picture of the arrival
Greetings at pier 24-25. As a boy I went to this pier and look at the old Queen Elizabeth often. She was a massive wall of rusty steel. I was so impressed by her size. However today liners are much larger. It was something special to stand next to this ship. I had seen as a younger kid the arrival of the Queen Mary in NYC, Now I was seeing the other Queen. I would sit down in the grass and just look at her.
Ok, this is what it is. I was 11 years old and curious. I tried "silly putty" on this picture to see if it did indeed copy the picture. It did but left a nasty scar where a curious 11 year old learned his lesson about using silly putty on important pictures.
One last picture as she comes in. This scrap book was started by my grandfather and I finished it. He had pictures of the Vestris and the Leviathan and I of course added the Queen Elizabeth.

It is always interesting to see what you did as a boy many years after.