Thursday, July 02, 2009

William Warren 1812-1888 The great comedian of the 19th century..The 50th anniversary program of his career Oct 28, 1882

His name was comedy, his career was comedy, his life was comedy. He was the great comedian of his age. William Warren .William Warren was famous for his wigs, as he was completely bald.
This is the program cover for his 50th anniversary performance in Boston.
This is the opening page to this rare piece of theatrical history.
The notices of warmth and remembrance are seen here with two good and dear friends. Of course Joseph Jefferson and the great actor and friend Edwin Booth. Enlarge this and read their warm statements.

It is telling also that when the Players Club was founded by Edwin Booth in Gramacy Park in 1888-1889. There was a great and large event when it was created.

Booth in the founders night address said " Let us drink from this loving cup bequeathed by William Warren of loved and honored memory". Warren was a great friend of Booths, but had died earlier that year. But one can see the importance of Warren to Booth as he opened the Players Club with Warren's loving cup.

William Warren was a beloved comedian and his home base was Boston. He was a relative of another great comedian of the time, Joseph Jefferson. Here is the program for that special 50th anniversary event and performance.