Friday, July 10, 2009

One of the best photos ever taken of the RMS Titanic..Also parts of her have finally made it to New York after 97 years.

This photo was taken a few days before she sailed from Southampton. It was probably taken around Easter Sunday as the ship seems pretty quiet. In looking at the picture I could see a few of the crew on the decks but little else going on. This picture is big. You can click on it and make it very large.

The ship was one of the Olympic Class of ships of which I think were among the most beautiful in their design. The Olympic Class of ships were the last vessels to have that narrow beam and great length and not look excessively wide and bulging as many ships did after that. One just has to look at the German ships that came out after the Olympic Class to see that. The Olympic, Titanic, Britannic were lovely ships.

Save for the Olympic, their history was not at all so.

The Titanic was sailing for New York. As we all know she never made it. But in June of this year, the Titanic did finally make it to NYC.( At least a piece of her ) This is the largest exhibit of Titanic artifacts ever shown to the public. It is on 44th Street near Times Square. The exhibit will last several months.
I will be going in a few days to see it.

It took 97 years, but the Titanic has finally made it to New York. I would say it is about time!