Thursday, July 02, 2009

THE DEWEY RECEPTION in NYC 1899..Dewey Day.. The great event that went no where and the arch that was forgotten as quickly as the Admiral.

This book was published in 1899 to celebrate the Dewey reception in New York. This one pictured came with a batch of advertising material. I guess it was a salesman's copy. George Dewey was the king of the world in 1898 and 1899. He was on every ones lips, and of course scared the hell out of every politician.

This book was made to raise money for the many Dewey monuments everywhere. Of course in New York at 24th and Broadway by Madison Square was built the magnificent temporary Dewey Arch. It made Washington's arch look cheap. The idea was for Dewey to come and be feted and many people would buy souvenirs and of course a great book like this. At $5.00 this was an enormous amount of money. But it was for Dewey and the magnificent arch.

He was the great Dewey. The hero of the battle of Manila bay. There was a great drive to make Dewey President. People were saying he was as great as Washington. They had Dewey Fever. Dewey was ill equipped to be President. He told the press that he looked at the job and saw it was rather easy and he would be happy to take his orders from Congress as he does now from his superiors in the Navy.

All the advertising went into this book and of course the more that they sold, the more money would be made for a real stone arch for the greatest leader since Washington..

After Dewey spoke and made several really bad blunders. What's more he seemed to want the office, which is a political no no. Everyone saw Dewey was a second rate fella and not one well suited to politics ..

No one seemed interested in Dewey and more importantly an arch in his honor anymore.

Therefore as many tried to sell books like this and the advertising material below, the temporary arch was torn down and Dewey was left on the curbside of political history.

The one thing that has survived more so than Dewey were his two lines spoken at the battle of Manila Bay. Well at least the first one.

1. You may fire when ready Gridley
2. Pull back for breakfast