Saturday, June 06, 2009

Why is the Queen of England not at the anniversary of D Day ????

One of the more sadder and stupid moments in history. For on the 65th anniversary of D Day, the one person who is a head of state and was involved in the war, was not invited. 
 That is stupid, idiotic and most of all embarrassing. All we have there are the leaders who mean nothing much at all in comparison to her. The Presidents and Prime ministers of the barely allied nations now.  In fact none of them were keen at all to push for having the Queen there. The President of France, well what would one expect, the Prime Minister of the nation she is from, Canada and lastly the USA.
 I would have liked to see Obama say that if the Queen is not there or invited he would not be there in protest.  
But all of them just talked and did not do much of the walking. There is a quality of the old leaders that you do not see in this new batch....Prince Charles made the event, even though there was no invitation for him. This is just politics in its most ugly form.

The Queen of England and her family stood firm during the war as bombs were dropping and never left England. Winston Churchill was there, strong and defiant.  

Thank you the great living veterans and all servicemen and women of World War 2. 

Thank you the great leaders  of World War 2.

 Thank you Queen Elizabeth for your steadfast leadership and that of your parents who could teach the present generation and specially this poor lots of leaders we have today a thing or two.

 Cause rather than just saying, yes we did!