Tuesday, June 07, 2011

John Paul Jones Sword presented by Louis the XVI by Charles Henry Hart 1907

Charles Henry Hart (1847-1918) was born in Philadelphia and was a well known art collector, author, and historian. His works and collections were huge. He was involved in the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago as a head of artistic operations dealing with American art. He was the director of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. plus the author of many books and articles. Here we have a short piece on John Paul Jones's sword and the story of how it ended up where it was
. This was from a program that was read by Hart in 1907. He inscribed the pamphlet in the front. I had this for many years, I bought a box of pamphlets about 20 years ago. All for a dollar. So I have found some treasures in the box and a lot of junk, more junk than anything else. I will be putting more stuff on from that box soon.
But here is a neat address that was all the rage to do, as Jones body had just been returned to the United States not too long before. So there was a lot of people having a lot to say about the great captain of the American Revolution and all things associated with him.