Monday, July 04, 2011

Hearing the ringing of the Liberty Bell in 1976

It is 35 years ago today that I heard what was left of the ring of the Liberty Bell. I can recall it so well. The serious voice of the newscaster on radio said..."And now the Liberty Bell". We waited a few seconds and then heard a sound that can best be described as "DUNK" That was the Liberty Bell! I am not sure how many people remember that.
I had been by the bell in June of that year as I was performing with a group and doing the show 1776. I wanted to see and touch it. So I did. It smelled very musty as I looked underneath it. I touched it gently and smelled it as I mentioned. It felt a little rough and not too even. I could see the crack that was finally completed on ringing for George Washington's birthday in 1846.

But I will always remembering that hollow "dunk". That will always remain a most unique memory of that Bi-Centennial year. The Liberty Bell today is much more closely guarded than it was back then. But I am glad I could get so up close and personal with it all those years ago. And to hear it's voice 35 years ago this very day.