Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The World's Fair Dinosaur. It was made in front of you for only a dime

In 1932 the Sinclair gasoline Company came to use a Brontosaurus as its PR dinosaur. It was a big hit. In fact it was seen a little in the 1939-40 World's Fair. But in the 1964-65 World Fair they outdid themselves. They created a dinosaur park. I was there in 1964 and enjoyed the dino park very much. I have great memories of it.

The Sinclair Dinosaur

But was the coolest part of that fair to me at the time was the "MOLDARAMA" machine that made wax models of the dinosaurs. I remember getting mine. It cost a dime and was as far as I was concerned worth every penny. I remember seeing the two sides of the mold coming together and out came my warm dinosaur. I loved that thing till I accidentally broke it. But still just seeing another brings back those memories. So I found one on line and thought I would share the image with you. All of you baby boomers remember this.....don't you?

The thing every boy wanted to have at the fair.