Friday, July 22, 2011

Hitler's Car...One of his greatest ideas..The Volkswagen Beetle

Few people today realize that the idea of the Volkswagen Beetle came from none other than Adolf Hitler. It was his idea, and he should get credit for it. While I do not agree with other things he did. This was a great idea. He wanted it cheap, air cooled, curved, engine in the back and a most unique body type. After all was said and done it was the most successful car in automotive history. It is sad that the greatest car concept was by someone who's very name brings thoughts of horror, death and war.

Hitler's first drawing of his car in 1932

Creation of the car was taken up by Porsche. Here you see Porsche presenting Hitler with a model of the car already nicknamed the beetle in 1937.

Here you see Hitler in the front seat of a new Beetle in 1938. A proud Mr. Porsche is standing by

Volkswagen Beetles would be produced starting in 1938. Their production would end in Mexico at the end of the 20th century. It was a most remarkable car. That came from the mind of a most frightening man.

Even though today lots of people and experts try to shun away from who was the creator of the Beetle, you cannot hide from history.