Thursday, June 28, 2012

A great mistake in the making. Learn from my mistakes

I am here to offer a little advice.  I have been blessed with much in my life. I have seen the worst that life can bring and the best. Seen the great valleys and the high mountains of life. Today I messed up the balance of that world. I have affected part of that world in ways my little mind could never see. So today if you see your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, lover or what ever let them know how special they are and do your best to be good to them. Remember stupid things will always get back and haunt you. Always let them know how special they are, do not lie, it will come back and make you look like a fool.  This is the greatest lesson in history....   Your history!

What ever you do, it does not go away. We all learn and sadly more often than not, we learn the hard way.

Peace my friends