Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's time to change the term of President to a single term of 6 years.

It is true this is not at all an original thought to me or anyone else in this day and age. This has been proposed for years. In fact it was even proposed by Warren G. Harding at one time. Well the more I look at it the more sense it makes. There is good reason for it, for when a President is elected to a 1st term he, or someday soon, she is already working on being re-elected for a second. Why bother with this? Many Presidents do not dare to follow their true leanings or agendas till they win a second term. There are many reasons for this cause often their agenda does not match many of the voters or they feel it is taking a chance. As with most politicians they have a backbone of a well cooked noodle. So they spend their 1st term or most of it keeping a lower profile and not trying to rock the boat too much. They will then spend much of the time of this 1st term trying to make the the electorate like them again. Specially if they did things in the 1st term that caused any battles between political sides. In this case what President has not? Once they win a second term they know at this point they cannot be re-elected. Then they follow the ideals that they wished they had been able to do in the 1st term. I think this is a massive waste of time in so many ways. I am of a mind to think that the President should serve only a one time 6 year term. It will free them of having to waste a full 1/3 of their 1st term of office trying to get re-elected and get to the business of being President full time.